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Air Trade Center Roof Replacement
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Contact:   JD Sitton
PreBid Date:   07/16/2018 10:00 AM
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Company:   Fort Wayne - Allen County Airport Authority
Bid Date:   07/31/2018 11:00 AM
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Public Notes:
**All questions pertaining to this project should be directed to Martin Riley, Attn: JD Sitton @ 260-422-7994 or jsitton@martin-riley.com***

Notice to Bidders (PDF)

Project Manual Table of Contents (PDF)

Job Purchase Information:
---Complete PRINTED sets of bidding documents are available for $50 per set (Processing Fee and Tax NOT included).

---Complete DOWNLOADABLE sets of bidding documents are available for a $50 per set (Processing fee and Tax NOT included).

---If Paying by check, fax a copy of the check (for shipping and delivery orders) to Eastern Engineering-Ft. Wayne Office AND deliver the original check (for all orders) to Eastern Engineering-Ft. Wayne Office.

---If you need your documents shipped, although the system will ask for your shipper number, plan holders will not be able to ship using their own shipper numbers for this job. Shipping charges (based on the weight of one set) are paid to Eastern Engineering and are posted on the Spec Sheets tab.